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There is something magical about opera houses. They are like clockwork when you realize how large and complex is the machinery behind the stage.

My great-grand-mother, Esther Pinto, who lived in Tangiers, Morocco, studied voice with an Italian tenor.

One day, she was approached by an agent who offered her the opportunity to sing at La Scala in Milan. Even after a week of crying, her father wouldn’t let her go and she never fulfilled her dream.

During a trip to Tanzania, I had the privilege to visit a Masaï village where the men and women sang for us.

In turn, I decided to sing  Sorge infausta from Haendel’s opera Orlando much to their delight and surprise because they thought I would have been a tenor.

This remains one of the most wonderful experiences of my singing career.

My dream role : Amfortas in Parsifal. “Mein Vater” is the ‘aria’ which made me fall in love with opera once and for all, with the music of Wagner and with the German language.