Das Rheingold with OCB 13 February 2016

Das Rheingold with Opera Company of Brooklyn 13 February 2016
Jay Meetze, Conductor
Lucas Barkley, Pianist
Nathan Bahny, Wotan
Patrick Michael Wickham, Loge
Laura Smith, Fricka
Britany Cusack, Freia
Mason Jarboe, Donner/Fasolt
Korland Simmons, Froh/Mime
Kristin Starkey, Erda
David Tapp, Alberich
Scott Tomlinson, Fafner
Margaret Newcomb, Woglinde
Danielle Elizabeth Davis, Wellgunde
Laura Kate Garner, Flossfilde

Fricka: Lorraine Helvick
Erda: Eowyn Driscoll
Alberich: David Mimran
Fafner: Nathan Resika
Woglinde: Ilana Goldberg
Wellgunde: Sonya Rice
Flossfilde: Magda Gartner

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